Country Kids love the outdoors, are adventurous and always playing in the dirt. From running barefoot to skinned knees you gotta start ’em young. Introducing your child to the homegrown roots you’ve grown up to love. As parents we love to be great role models to our children, showing them the right path and tough love from an early start.
With our durable and comfortable apparel line, your country kids can grow up to love the same outdoors, fishin’, huntin’ and everything in-between you do.
It doesn’t matter whether your kids skin there knees, jump in mud puddles or play in the rain. We know kids are tough on clothes, especially country kids. That’s why we stand behind our clothing with our lifetime guarantee. When you can’t just throw it in the wash anymore we want to hear what happened and see your photos. Because we know what its like living a country life, so lets show others together.
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